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To offer you the best adventures we work closely together with Himali Dreams, an expert in all kinds of adventure who also happens to be our neighbor! We are very glad with this cooperation and would love to introduce you to Himali Dreams.


We love adventure and the people of Nepal.

We at Himali Dreams Nepal specialize in off the beaten trail trekking and mountain biking tours. Our tour routes are carefully designed and thought through to make sure that you have the best Himalayan adventure.

During your time with us, you will experience different cultures, unique traditions, and the beauty of Nepal through local food, epic sceneries, and home-stays.

We work together with locals. By joining our adventures you will be a part of changing lives, creating job opportunities, and promoting tourism in rural communities of Nepal.

We love adventure but even more we love the people of Nepal. We started Himali Dreams because we want to combine adventure tourism with the opportunity to provide jobs for Nepali people. Many families here are torn apart because members need to go abroad in order to find jobs. We come from different countries (Nepal and Germany), so we understand how hard it is to spend time apart.

We exist to see lives changed, jobs created, and to promote tourism in the remote areas of Nepal.

Abel has been guiding treks and mountain bike tours for the last 5 years. He has also worked as a photographer, videographer and graphic designer for different companies.

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